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Merc Work Summer Camp

Merc Work Summer Camp

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We're nearly full! Hurry and grab your spot before they're all gone!!

"Hey! It's everyone's favorite Merc with a mouth! I've teamed up with VIPAirsoft to help get you off the couch and into some serious airsoft action this summer with Merc Work. This magical summer experience will be filled with laughter, pizza and most importantly, the chance to hang out with me for five days. (You're welcome mom!) 

Think you got what it takes to me it into my elite squad of desperados? (That's Spanish for "helpful fellows with firearms") Each day you'll learn some of my tricks of the trade that I've picked up from 20+ years of military and tactical operations. 

- Close quarter combat (building clearing and stuff)
- Executive protection (how to take apart a protective team)
- Tactical combat casualty care (because you don't have my healing factor)
- Party time dance break! (You're gonna be so cool at your cousin's wedding!)

Each day you will be put into teams of like minded airsoft players and you shall fight to the DEATH! No, not really. You'll get a chance to play multiple scenario games based on some of my real world missions. Earn points each day for winning, being a good sportsman and other important character building stuff. Earn enough points and you'll get a chance to join my merry band of Marauders! MAXIMUM EFFORT! 

Camp is Monday-Friday from 8am-12pm

Camp cost includes a balaclava, rental equipment, safety gear, bbs, lunch every day of camp and admission into the 12-4pm session every day of camp!


        June 3-7 - IN PROGRESS
        July 8-12


        June 10-14
        July 15-19


Minimum deposit of $50 required to register camper. Prices will increase on May 1, 2019 to from $250 per camper up to $275 per player. 

As requested by our camp instructors, Marauders Tactical Training & Phoenix Security Group, campers must be at least 10 years old to participate in camp. 



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