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G&G .20g 1000 count Biodegradable Tracer BBs

G&G .20g 1000 count Biodegradable Tracer BBs

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These BBs combine the fun of tracer bbs with the versatility and occasional requirement for biodegradable BBs! Available in a tight resealable, reusable container, these BBs will deteriorate in 180 days in normal compost settings. 

For use with Tracer Unit attachments


  •  BIO BBs 
  • Tracer Compatible
  • .20g
  •  Precision accuracy 
  •  .595 diameter +/- .01 
  •  Excellent polish 
  •  Reusable bottles 

HINT: Keep the bottle sealed tightly to avoid deterioration of your bio bbs. Any prolonged moisture will begin to break down your bbs and may cause warping or decreased performance. Bio bbs will break down internally if swallowed by animals or small children, although not recommended. Water environments like pools, lakes and ponds will speed up the process of deterioration. 

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