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PolarStar Fusion Engine Nozzle - M4/M16

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  • Nozzle Length: 1.745"
  • Results with 0.20g BB using 6.05 barrel at 120psi
  • FPS Results:
 Nozzle Color Bore 275mm 380mm 509mm
Gold 0.1610 350fps 366fps 400fps
Blue 0.0980 380fps 405fps 435fps
Black 0.1610 423fps 457fps 476fps
Silver 0.1285 446fps 494fps 514fps
Red 0.1610 500fps 550fps 590fps


Material Aluminum
Color Various
Manufacturer PolarStar
Compatibility M4/M16 Fusion Engine Series


DISCLAIMER: Please use discretion when installing custom parts as fit and compatibility may vary. Some modification may be required. Professional installation recommended.

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