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Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Sound Grenade


  • Full metal
  • No maintenance necessary
  • Delay timer choice 1-5 seconds
  • Easy reload
  • Utilizes nail driver cartridges (DOES NOT USE BLANKS)
  • Contains 2 pull pins
  • Brown Cartridge(118 dBa) Green(122dBa) Yellow(125 dBa)

The brand NEW Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade is the most reliable, easy to use, and loudest reusable sound grenade that airsoft has ever seen! This unique device uses super common powder nail driving cartridges (NOT BLANKS) to give some of the LOUDEST bangs in airsoft! It uses our simple and reliable 3-position timer, its a full metal construction, and it doesn’t require any maintenance!

Our fields allow BROWN & GREEN cartridges.


Please use discretion when using this product and always use with caution as it may cause hearing damage. Be considerate of others around you and do not intentionally detonate this device next to others. Proper eye protection should be worn while using this grenade. Gloves and ear protection are recommended. Placing liquids, objects or blanks inside this product can cause serious injury. Purchasers of this product agree to release VIPAirsoft from any responsibility for injuries or negative effect(s) resulting in use of this product whether as an operator or nearby person.

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