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Special Operations Camp - Cancelled

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This registration option is no longer available. If it is the day of the event, you must choose the "Late Registration" option. If that option is no longer available, we may be sold out or online registration has been closed. Please call a member of our staff to inquire about the waitlist

Unfortunately, the Special Operations Camp has been cancelled for the 2019 summer season due to a family emergency with our camp instructors. 

Our July MERC Works Camps will still be hosted.

Thank you for your understanding.


Spec Ops is a realistic military training experience with an emphasis on realistic tactics, discipline and leadership. Each day will consist of classroom curriculum time followed by field curriculum to enforce the tactics. Campers will also participate in motivational exercises everyday. The end of camp will host mission work that encompasses all of the skills they've acquired.


Camp is Monday-Friday from 8am-12pm

Camp cost includes a camp uniform t-shirt, rental equipment, safety gear, bbs, lunch everyday of camp and entry to the 12-4 session after each day of camp.



Minimum deposit of $50 required to register camper. Prices will increase to $475 per camper on May 1, 2019. 

As requested by our camp instructors, Marauders Tactical Training, campers must meet the following requirements to participate: 

  • Be at least 11 or turning 11 during camp
  • Be able to perform 10 pushups
  • Uniform consists of Tan/Khaki or ODGreen cargo/duty or BDU pants
    • Woodland, A-TACS and Multicam also approved


Campers must meet the following requirements to graduate camp:

  • Complete the physical fitness requirements
    • 10 push-ups 
    • 10 (3 count) flutter kicks
    • 10 squats
    • 10 (3 count) jumping jacks
  • Complete a weapon safety briefing in front of the class
  • Complete the team based missions on the final day of camp




*Campers will be expected and required to participate in the daily exercises* 

**This camp program cannot be split into singular weeks. Each week builds on the week(s) before and after. Registration into this program means financial responsibility for the entire program cost regardless of whether your camper will be attending the entire program. There is no store credit or arena credit available for unattended weeks.**