Airsoft guns, like live firearms, must be cleaned and maintained with proper gun care. A neglected airsoft gun can result in malfunctions, misfires, locked gears and a broken weapon. Every gun requires different care based on its propellant needs, so it is important to read the manual or ask an airsoft technician or professional. Basic maintenance however, is simple.


  • Always store your gun in a clean dry space away from young children. You don't want kids hurting themselves or hurting your equipment.
  • Never leave your gun loaded as it could damage your internal mechanisms.
  • Don't store your gun outside, in a shed, in an attic, in a car or in a garage, especially in Arizona or areas with extreme weather! The extreme heat will damage your o-rings, possibly melt your wiring, heat the motor and cause severe damage for gas guns and gas magazines as well as dry out all the lubricants and could result in a battery explosion.


  • Only use precision or match grade, high density, seamless and polished bbs. You shouldn't see any seams, bubbles or dents in your bbs.
  • Most often, brightly neon colored bbs are made of a cheap light-weight plastic and will break within your gearbox causing bb shards to lockup your gearbox.
  • Do not reuse your bbs after they have been fired or have been rolling around on the ground. These bbs can be compromised by stress from the gearbox, dented from the ricochet or have gathered dirt and debris from the ground causing jams and internal damage.
  • Do your research and only purchase bbs from respectable airsoft distributors.


  • To prevent jams and misfires, check your magazines for debris, dust and dirt.
  • It is best to empty your magazines after each use for storage to take the strain off the springs inside, although this is not required.
  • With gas guns, it is not preferable to use the release valve to expel excess gas.
  • Put a few drops into each magazine valve and allow the oil to soak into the o-rings.


  • Always keep your airsoft barrel free of obstructions. Before cleaning your gun, make sure your selector switch is set to safety.
  • Lubricate your barrel every 6 months with pure silicone spray. NEVER USE WATER, PETROLEUM, GUN GREASE or GENERAL CLEANERS! Anything other than pure silicone spray will damage the internals.
  • Spray small cloth swatches and thread it through your cleaning rod, insert the rod into the barrel and gently swab the length of the barrel. Follow the oiled swatch with a dry clean cloth to pick up excess debris and oil.
  • Lightly clean out debris and spray your gas pistol internals with silicone spray within the slide after every few uses