Amped Custom Maxx Tracer Unit Wire Harness for FCU

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  • Compatible with LED MAXX Tracer Hop Units and latest PolarStar FCU REV3 FCU (Blue colored). 
  • Harness is approx 33" in length (Approx same length as standard MAXX harness.
  • Allows you to run this along your wire harness.
Color Green
Manufacturer Amped Custom
Compatibility MAXX Custom Hop Up Tracer Unit

Details: This MAXX Tracer Unit Wire Harness has been redesigned with a voltage regulator built in for added protection with the latest gen PolarStar FCU in mind.  Compatible with the newer generation "Blue" colored PolarStar FCUs, this MAXX Tracer Unit Wire Harness plugs into the MCU Port on your PolarStar FCU.  This allows the LEDs to light up every time you pull the trigger.  Simply plug into your REV3 FCU and start slinging tracers.  

DISCLAIMER: Please use discretion when installing custom parts as fit and compatibility may vary. Some modification may be required. Professional installation recommended. When using a MAXX Unit on your PolarStar FCU, please use a 7.4v battery as recommended by PolarStar Airsoft.  Use of any battery voltage above this, such as an 11.1v, may result in damage of your FCU and/or MAXX unit. The MCU part of the FCU is a 3 AMP circuit and can be overloaded by using a non-recommended battery voltage.

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