PolarStar F1 Centerline w/ Regular FCU - M4/M16

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What is the F1?

Like the Fusion Engine and JACK, the patent pending F1 is a high performance HPA (High Pressure Air) system which replaces the traditional piston and gears of an AEG with a programmable pneumatic system.

Flow Control

The unique flow control system uses an integral check valve to regulate the forward speed of the nozzle while maintaining the fastest retract speed possible. This system is also what makes the F1's "2-stage" firing possible. When the nozzle is traveling in the forward direction the check valve is sealed, limiting the speed of the nozzle for greater consistency. When the nozzle reaches the forward position the check valve opens to allow the maximum flow into the barrel. The additional flow is maintained throughout the rearward travel of the nozzle, allowing it to retract without limiting the speed.

Compact and Efficient

The F1 uses a custom solenoid designed by PolarStar and manufactured by MAC Valves. The design allows the solenoid to become an integral part of the system and not simply a a switch to control gas flow. This not only makes the F1 more compact but also minimizes the dead volume inside of the system, increasing efficiency and decreasing response time.

Offset Nozzles

The F1 is compatible with virtually every AEG gearbox, including those with offset nozzles by using either a centerline or offset front cylinder. The front cylinders are interchangable and a centerline F1 may be converted to an offset F1 by simply swapping the front cylinder and nozzle.

Cross-Compatible Electronics

All PolarStar single-solenoid systems (JACK and F1) use the same electronics, making the F1 compatible with any kit already available for JACK.

What is the difference between F1 and JACK?

  • Both F1 and JACK are "open bolt" systems, meaning the nozzle is in the rearward position when the system is idle. Aside from F1 supporting offset nozzles (while JACK does not), the difference is how they fire.

    JACK uses a small solenoid for nozzle movement only. The position of the nozzle within JACK is what allows or prevents air from flowing down the nozzle. Like JACK, the solenoid in F1 also controls nozzle movement and the nozzle position also controls firing air, but only for one of the two firing stages. In the two-stage system the nozzle travels a certain distance, then begins to allow airflow through the bore. After traveling completely a secondary firing port opens to allow increased flow. This second stage is made possible by an integral flow control system which also has the added benefit of allowing the optimal nozzle speed in each direction. The forward speed of the nozzle can be restricted without limiting the rearward speed of the nozzle.

    In addition to the flow control and 2-stage firing, F1 also uses a custom solenoid designed specifically for this application. This allows the solenoid to become an integral part of the system rather than just a switch to control airflow. The advantages include a more compact system and a more efficient system due to the reduced internal "Dead Volume".

What is the warranty for F1?

  • F1 systems are covered by a 1 year manufacture warranty against defects in material or manufacturing.


  • Velocity Range: 300fps - 500fps
  • Operating Presure: 40-130 PSI
  • Centerline Nozzle Design for the
  • Regular FCU
  • 18 inch Wire Harness
  • Interchangable Bushing Inserts which prevent any movement of F1 within the gearbox
  • Low velocity nozzles (< 1J) available.


  • PolarStar F1
  • PolarStar F1 Data Cable
  • PolarStar F1 Trigger Board
  • PolarStar F1 Regular Fire Control Unit
  • Manual
  • PolarStar Sticker

Compatibility of the PolarStar F1 may vary depending on the gearbox

Professional Installation is Recommended


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