PolarStar F2 HPA Engine - V2 M4/M16

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The mini with all the beef and performance as the full size engine!

The duel solenoid design provides the same functionality as it's big brother but in a more compact, efficient and flexible design. This design allows the nozzle and poppet valves to be adjusted independently for unparalleled control over air volume and loading time and makes it possible to change your firing sequences to run in closed bolt of "AEG" mode.

The spring loaded nozzle of the F2 is biased forward which provides consistent loading force regardless of pressure. It shares the same spring as the full engine with light and heavy options.

The offset nozzles allow it to be compatible with nearly every AEG gearbox! The front cylinders are interchangeable and a centerline F2 can be converted to an offset by simply swapping the front cylinder and nozzle.


  • Dual Solenoid Design
  • Spring Loaded Nozzle
  • Offset Nozzles
  • Velocity Range: 250fps-500fps
  • Operating Pressure: 45-145psi
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


What's the difference between the F1, F2 and the JACK?

The F1 and JACK systems are "open bolt" meaning the nozzle is in the rearward position when idle and the round is fired during the forward thrust of the nozzle. The F2 is a duel-solenoid allowing for more complete control over the shot cycle- just like the full size engine.

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