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Prepaid Rental Package

Prepaid Rental Package

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Save money and make your visit with us even easier by prepaying for your rental in advance! Present your QR code upon checkin to redeem your rental. This package includes a G&G CM16 Raider AEG Carbine rifle, one high-capacity magazine, full face mask and basic chest protector.

We will not release any rental packages without the code being presented and redeemed. If you are a parent or guardian purchasing this for someone else, be sure to forward them the QR code or send them a screenshot.

Each package you purchase will have its own unique QR code.



Prepaid rental packages do not automatically attach to any given reservation. It is crucial to remember to provide your QR code upon checkin to avoid being charged for any necessary rentals upon arrival if you have already purchased the prepaid option. Rental packages are nonrefundable. Any codes generated and sent to you remain valid and usable until redeemed and can be redeemed individually or in groups if you've purchased more than one. They are not attached to any date or session reservation in specific but are attached instead to the purchasing customer.

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