PTS - Griffin Armament Muzzle Devices

Style: M4SDII FC
Sale price$ 34.95

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  • 14mm CCW Threads


Material Metal Alloy
Color Black
Manufacturer PTS
Hardware Included None Needed


PTS Griffin M4SD Linear Comp:

The only muzzle device from Griffin Armament without any side ports, reducing side blast to other people beside the shooter’s position. It features three ports on top for muzzle neutrality as well as a de Laval nozzle in front to project linear flow of pressure down range. 

PTS Griffin M4SD Muzzle Break:

The Griffin Armament M4SD Muzzle Brake is designed purely to maximize recoil control and muzzle movement. It is perfect for rapid shooting situations such as competitions where minimal rifle and sight movement during rapid shooting is important for very fast and accurate follow up shots.

PTS Griffin M4SD-II Flash Compensator:

The Griffin M4SDII Flash Comp is Griffin's flagship product. It combines the distinctive design and functional recoil control ability of the Griffin M4SD Tactical Compensator with increased flash suppression capability via the addition of the 3 pronged tips to provide the optimal balance of recoil control and flash suppression with minimal compromise for both functions.



DISCLAIMER: Please use discretion when installing custom parts as fit and compatibility may vary. Some modification may be required. Professional installation recommended.

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