Scatterplot - SorboPads

Compatibility: V2/V3
Thickness: 1/4in
Hardness: 70
Sale price$ 6.95

Pickup available at Gilbert Arena

Usually ready in 24 hours

These are precision laser cut Sorbothane ® bumpers for airsoft gearboxes. These pads will greatly reduce the impact between the piston and cylinder.

The pads can also be used to correct your AOE (Angle of Engagement) between your sector gear and your piston- a critical mod for prolonging your piston lifespan.


  • Hardness: 40/70 (00 Shore Durometer)
  • Thickness: 1/4", 1/8"


Part Number None
Material Rubber
Color Black
Manufacturer Scatterplot
Compatibility Most V2/V3 Gearboxes or V7 Gearboxes

Sorbo pads aren't a flashy upgrade, but they are a very important piece of a high-performance gearbox. Sorbo pads will do several things to help your gearbox perform at its peak. First, the pads absorb the shock of the cylinder smashing into the front of the gearbox. This is a primary cause of V2 gearbox cracking. While it can't be guaranteed that your gearbox will never crack, the pads will definitely reduce the stress your gearbox sees on every shot. They also help prevent piston head cracking.
Second, the pads can be used to correct your Angle of Engagement (AOE). The AOE is the angle at which your sector gear impacts your piston. If this angle is off, you will prematurely wear out your piston, and is a primary cause of stripped pistons in high-performance setups. Different thicknesses of pads that will correct your AOE by different amounts so you can get exactly what you need to make your gun perform perfectly. Finally, the pads make your gearbox quieter. If you're looking for stealth, the sorbo pads will greatly alleviate the banging noise caused by the piston slapping the front of the mechbox.

DISCLAIMER: Please use discretion when installing custom parts as fit and compatibility may vary. Some modification may be required. Professional installation recommended.

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